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Varanasi: A Magical Universe

The two tributaries of the Ganga, Varuna from the north and Asi from the south bound the ancient living city and contribute to the making of the name Varanasi. As the world exists in names and forms according to the Vedas, Varanasi has been called by many names and has morphed into many forms since times immemorial. Varanasi has also been known as Kashi, Kāśikā ,Ānandavana, and Rudravāsa at various points in time.

The old city is situated along the western bank of the Ganges and extends back from the riverbank ghats in a labyrinth of alleys. A walk along the ghats on the river shows one the dance of life and death in tandem.

Words fall short to talk about this magical universe, to describe in a few, Varanasi is overwhelming, ceaseless, enchanting and extraordinary; it has a pulsation like no other.

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