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The crab fishing trip is a lazy late afternoon expedition. Park yourselves on a country boat that steers you through a quite river named the Sal. The cruise promises a number of bird sighting like the Kingfishers, Eagles, Cranes, Strokes, Bats and more while passing through the mangroves. While sailing through get a glimpse of the life of fishermen and the tropical vegetation along the river. Whilst cruising try some fishing for crabs with handmade traps called cobllem in konkani. The trap rests at the bottom of the river bed and you can relax in the boat, breathe in the surroundings, sip your beer or juice meanwhile and watch the outside.
With the sun  setting on the glorious river, you could choose to be back to your hotel for dinner with your catch of the day or plan a barbecue with the organisers.

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