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The Story of a Cashew Apple

The Cashew Apple arrived in India with the Portugese from the North East of Brazil. The Cashew apple is a fruit with tangy, sweet, and astringent flavor. Even in India the fruits are seldom seen, though the nut is variously and voraciously used.
Ripe cashew apples are bright yellow, pink or red. Once dropped, cashew apples are prone to bruising and rotting in the sun. They can only be kept at room temperature for a day,so for consumption quick refrigeration process is a must.
In a Cashew Feni processing farm the ripe and fallen fruits are taken to the stomping bowl,made of stone, and the cashew apples are stomped to release the juice. The juice produced through this process is known as neero, and is refreshing to drink. The cashew apple juice then gradually goes through two more distillations that are named the Urrack, to finally become the Cazulo or Feni.
The cashew nut, is one of the curious cases in the world of nuts to be born outside its cocoon, ie outside the fruit. These nuts go through a tedious process of roasting, shell cutting, peeling, grading and packing. The cashew oil extracted and the dust of the left over broken shell, are all used in various industries. At the end of the day there is actually nothing is left to throw.

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