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  • Our Specialities...

    Trek through tropical rainforests, swim in cool lagoons under roaring waterfalls,light a bonfire under a starry night sky...

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  • How green is my Goa

    The land where rivers, snake towards the deep blue sea, meadows on top of hills, hills rolling on to forts, forts cliff-hanging on golden beaches.

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  • The Magical Varanasi

    To describe in a few words, Varanasi is overwhelming, ceaseless, enchanting and extraordinary; it has a pulsation like no other.

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  • Usgalimal: A Saga of Many Thousand Years

    The many images on the rock face, along with the black river Kushavati stand witness to as much as 20,000 to 30,000 years gone by.

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Around the Country

  • Taj Mahal: A Teardrop on the cheek of Eternity

    The Emperor, Shah Jahan, seems to have said that the Taj made 'the sun and the moon shed tears from their eyes'...

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  • Thiruvananthapuram, the 'City of Lord Anantha'

    'Anantha is the infinitely coiled serpent on whom Padmanabha or Vishnu ,the keeper of the Universe reclines'.

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  • Ajanta & Ellora

    The endless grind of time wove a camouflage of forests over these Ancient Art, with roots and shoots choking the sculptures, until a British hunting party chanced upon them in 1819...

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