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Markets of Goa

The Wednesday Flea market in Anjuna, despite changes over the years, is still widely popular. There is beauty in chaos in this market, a riot of colours and goods and people of all kinds from all over the country and world. There are some Westerners and Easterners trading goods and services like tattoos, piercings, art, freshly baked cookies and the like. And all of this by the sand and sea.
A peek into the amazing Saturaday Night Market at Arpora is a visit worth experiencing, The sheer vibrancy and the buzz, the lights and colours,the chaos,the performances,the food and some amazing stuff on sale right in the middle of the night adds to the charm.The first markets of the season start around mid-November, continue till the end of April.
A visit to the huge old local markets of Margao in the south and Mapusa in the north is a must if one wants to get a peek into Goan Lifestyle.

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