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It has been home to the warrior clans called Rajputs, who claim their lineage from the sun, the moon and fire for over a thousand years. The colourful stories of these Rajputs are what dye the fabric of this land. Stories of pride and independence, valour and sacrifice, alliances and betrayals have imprinted a most intriguing texture onto that colourful fabric. This is the fabled land of larger than life Maharajas; their majestic forts rising up haughtily above the ever shifting dunes in a desert landscape and of course their fairy tale palaces. Welcome to Rajasthan.

These vibrant colours and rich texture of Rajasthan has not only leaked onto the palette of its craftsmen and glittering jewels; it is also evident in the vivid cuisine, diverse landscapes and spectacular festivals that generously dot the calendar. Summing up Rajasthan would be just two words. Must see.

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